Thursday, December 17, 2015

CW 2.0 made me lose all desire to be in a clan wars clan

I first started playing this game back in 2013.  After my first 700 battles I started looking around at joining a clan so I could learn to play better, have people to platoon with and maybe do clan wars eventually.  I had my first clan wars battle in May or June of 2013 and I really enjoyed them.  It was during that campaign that started at tier 2(I think it was tier 2) and went up the tiers as time went on.  I hopped around clans as my skill improved and my desire to do more clan wars battles increased.

The clan Wars 2.0 arrived and the constant grind of stronghold skirmish battles along with it.  That become a second job and not fun.  I reached the point where I dreaded tier 6 stronghold skirmish battles.  Eventually Clan Wars became less desirable for me too knowing that when we won a a battle we would have to do more strongholds for maintenance/upkeep on the land.  The smaller gold quantities on the provinces and the increased time to maintain them made it not worth my time.  Clan wars and stronghold battles felt more like a job than something fun.

If I'm going to be working a second job, it better play pretty damn well instead of paying the equivalent of Greenland and northern Canada provinces on the old map.  Sub 200 gold per province(withiout running strongholds regularly and upgrading/maintaining it) on the tier 10 map is ridiculous.    Clan Wars 2.0 is not worth the time and effort.

Short version:

Wargaming took all the fun out of clan wars 2.0 and turned it into a second job that didn't pay well.  I don't see the point in being involved in clan wars or a clan wars clan.  Thanks for ruining clan wars Wargaming!

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