Tuesday, August 23, 2016

T54E1: 9 kills, Mastery Ace Tanker, Radley-Walters's Medal, Top Gun, High Caliber, 6,575 damage

YouTube Link:


This was my 4th battle in the T54E1. I went to a location where I could use its clip and gun depression to do as much as possible to help my team.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

KV-2 best Great Sniper or Best Sniper?

I've noticed the KV-2 rarely lets me down when I really need to make that shot.  I've hit enemy TD's at 350+ meters and also recently hit this light tank on the move as he was trying to suicide.

Anyone else have video of amazing KV-2 shots guided by the hand of Stalin?  I still enjoy rewatching this one:


Video was recorded in 3440x1440.  You may need to reduce the video size on Youtube depending on your download bandwidth for it to play without freezing.

This is another great KV-2 sniper video: