Sunday, March 26, 2017

Upcoming World of Tanks HD maps Video

A Russian World of Tanks YouTuber posted a video where he gets to see and experience the upcoming World of Tanks HD maps.  We see parts of the Mines and Cliff maps.

Hardware specs are unknown.  The times where the in game FPS counter can be seen seem to show low 40's to low 60's for FPS.  V-Sync didn't appear to be enabled when the graphics settings were shown.  Also, the video was a little blurry and unfocused on the screen when the graphics settings that would show the resolution were shown.  It did appear that all graphics settings were turned to the highest settings for the beginning of the video.

The YouTube video is here:

At 7:08 and 9:10 in the video you can see the tank drive into a pile of lumber and all the pieces fall individually.  Also, you can see the water effect of the waves in many parts of the video.

One person in the video seemed to mention May20th.  However I don't know what the relevance of
that date is.  Also there was someone mentioning the end of the year.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Ryzen, A success or failure? Both? Neither?

AMD Ryzen R7 Release

There has been quite a bit of hype about the AMD Ryzen CPUs and anticipation of their release.  Its been years since AMD has really released a new CPU or a PCU based on a new architecture.  Until recently, the fastest AMD CPUs you could buy could double as a space heater and generally performed worse than their Intel produced counterparts in most tasks.  The embargo was lifted on the AMD Ryzen R7 recently.  Many different reviews, benchmarks, and other tests were released from the popular, reputable computer hardware and gaming review sites and YouTube channels.

Is Ryzen the best for gaming?

If you look over all the reviews you can see the R7 1800x still falls behind the i7-7700K and i7-6700K in most gaming benchmarks that are not GPU limited.  For example, in Techspot's Review, the R7 1800X performed similarly in gaming benchmarks to the i7-3770K, which was released in 2012.  Other reviews showed similar results with the R7 1800X lagging behind the i7-7700K in most games that were not GPU limited.

So, the big question is, if I'm building or buying a new PC very soon to be mainly used for gaming, should I buy one with an 1800x or an i7-7700K assuming they have similar specs?  I'd suggest the i7-7700K if you are using the PC mainly for gaming.

Why would I suggest the i7-7700K over the R7 1800x or 1700X for gaming?  I'd suggest the 7700K for several reasons:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Is AMD cheating in RyZen benchmarks?

Special benchmark settings were discovered int he UEFI/BIOS of the motherboards sent to reviewers that already received their RyZen kits.

It looks like there are special settings for AIDA, Geekbench, and Cinebench.  Will this be as big as the VW emissions scandal?  I guess we will find out tomorrow when the embargo is lifted.

Photo from CPC Hardware's twitter: