Thursday, January 19, 2017

Opinions on not being able to use the M53/55 in Clan Wars?

Opinions on not being able to use the M53/55 in Clan Wars?

Tier 10 clan wars is tier 10 tanks only now.  That means no more M53/55.  "Vehicle tier must match Front tier" per the rules.  Will Wargaming allow us to use the M53/55 in clan wars ever again?

It seems that half the players I talk to say they won't miss the M53/55 in clan wars because its a good all around arty, but doesn't have the splash of the Conc GC or the accuracy of the Obj. 261.  The other half says the M53/55 has great mobility for relocating for better shots, to move away from an approaching enemy, and had a wide traverse so it could cover wide areas than the 261.

Personally, I spent forever grinding through the US arty line to get the M53/55.  There are only so many snack breaks I can take in one day to grind arty and play with one hand.  Now after all that work, I can't use the M53/55 in clan wars.  In addition to that, the T92 isn't used in clan wars.  Its rather disappointing that I spent all that time for nothing.  In addition to that, the M53/55 was one of the most used SPG's in tier 10 clan wars.  It obviously had a place among the strats of many clans.

Is the inability to use the M53/55 a major loss to Clan Wars and clan wars clans?  Will we now see the T92 being used?