Saturday, April 9, 2016

Type 59 Mastery Ace Tanker, Kolobanov's, Pascucci's, Pool's, Defender, High Caliber, Top Gun, 1 vs 6

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Turning a loss into a win.

I was too aggressive early on and pushed up, expecting some of my team mates to push up also.  I should have moved back sooner.  Because I didn't move back I took a lot of unnecessary damage.  Most of my team mates weren't in a position to shoot the enemy until they came over or around the hills I was in.

When I saw that my team on the other side of the map was defeated quickly and my team mates weren't doing on my side of the map well I fell back to a defensive position to cover our cap.  I have no idea why our Inden Pz. kept pushing forward.

When I fell back, I tried to stay hull down, relocate frequently, and use the cover and spotting mechanics to stay at an advantage.  By relocating frequently, the enemy didn't know exactly where I'd pop up next.  This also made it take longer for enemy arty to aim at me.

The enemy team made the mistake of coming at us one and two at a time instead of as a group.

Another thing I did was try to keep track of the arty firing and when it was safe to sit still for a few seconds.

At the end, I tried to change direction frequently to make it harder for the enemy arty to hit me.  Arty usually has difficulty hitting targets moving at angles.

I was worried I'd run out of ammo because the type 59 doesn't carry much compared to other tier 8 medium tanks.

I was close to my 1st mark of excellence on the tank, so I spammed a lot of premium ammo early on.  I still made a 69,889 credit profit on that battle.  It was 2381 base XP without premium account and 3430 XP with a premium account.

There still is a bug with replays that doesn't always show the aiming cross-hairs and aim circle pointed at what the player is aiming at.

Replay available at:

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