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What does your WoT enCore score really mean?

Wargaming released the enCore app in December of 2017.  The app gives you a result score and a general idea if WoT 1.0 will run well on your current computer hardware.  Many World of Tanks players wanted to know what the results really mean and how they relate to in game FPS.

Wargaming states on the WoT enCore FAQ, "World of Tanks enCore is a demo app and not a benchmark, and that’s why points are used. They reflect your PC performance adequately, and let you compare it to other scores. 10 000+ points is an excellent score, meaning that World of Tanks with Core will run extremely smoothly on your PC, precluding any FPS drops. A score of 8001+ (“gold”) is an excellent one. Anything between 3001 and 8000 (“silver”) is good, and a score below 3000 (“bronze”) is passable."

I had a theory that the scores relate to FPS. A test was developed to see if there is a correlation between WoT enCore scores and actual FPS.


The World of Tanks enCore app was run and Fraps was used to monitor FPS.  The FPS measurement was started at 2:40 on the clock and stopped at 0.02 on the clock.  Each graphics card was tested at the Ultra and Medium preset at 1920x1080 resolution.

A variety of graphics cards were tested along with two different CPUs.
Graphics cards used:
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Hybrid Gaming 11G-P4-6698-KR
EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC Gaming 04G-P4-6253-KR
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Mini ZT-P10500A-10L
EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 02G-P4-3751-KR
PowerColor Red Dragon Radeon RX 460 AXRX 460 2GBD5-DH/OC

CPUs used
Intel i7-6700K at 4.6 GHz water cooled
Intel i3-3240 at stock speed and air cooled.


When the various graphics cards were tested at 1920x1080, 3440,1440, and 3820x2160 resolutions on the Ultra and Medium presets, the score in WoT enCore was divided by the average FPS reported by Fraps.  The result was 166.03.

The testing method ignored the first 2 seconds and last 2 seconds of the WoT enCore test.  Therefore, our result can't take into account the entire test and account for average frames per second during every second of the test.  However, they should be very close to the actual result.

Lets analyze what Wargaming has to say about WoT enCore.  First, its stated that, "10 000+ points is an excellent score, meaning that World of Tanks with Core will run extremely smoothly on your PC, precluding any FPS drops."

Lets assume that an average of 60 FPS is "extremely smooth" according to Wargaming.  10,000/60 = 166.667.  This correlates well with our own analysis.

Next Wargaming states, "A score of 8001+ (“gold”) is an excellent one."  8,001/166.667 = 48.006 FPS.  Wargaming apparently considers 48 FPS to be excellent.

After that, Wargaming states, "Anything between 3001 and 8000 (“silver”) is good."  3001/166.667 = 18.005 FPS.  I'm not sure that 18 FPS average is actually good.  I'd place the minimum average FPS for good at around 30 FPS.  After playing World of Tanks on various computer hardware, below 30 FPS on average does seem to be not very smooth and can make it more difficult to aim and maneuver properly in close combat or maneuver at higher speeds.

A score of 5,000 should be considered "Good" because 5,000 is about 30 FPS.  5,000/166.667 = 29.999 FPS.

What do the results mean?

Based on the results, you can figure out your own FPS in the WoT enCore app.  The method is simple.  Take your score from WoT enCore and divide it by 166.667.

Your enCore score/166.667 = Your FPS

For example, if your WoT enCore score was 7,829 you would take 7,829 and divide it by 166.667.  The result would be 46.97 FPS.  If that result is too low for you, then you can try with Anti-Aliasing turned off  in the graphics settings or with a lower quality preset.

You can download WoT enCore here:

WoT 1.0 vs WoT enCore

Does this FPS result actually show the in game FPS that you will achieve in WoT 1.0?  Our next test will show if WoT enCore results are equal to WoT 1.0 test server results.

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