Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Do clan officers think about how what they say or how they act reflects on their clan before they type in chat?

I've noticed a trend when I see clan members be rude, insulting, and childish in the in game chat.  Some of the worst of it comes from clan members who are Commanders, Executive Officers, Personnel Officers, and Recruitment Officers.  Do they think about how this reflects on their clan?

I've had clan officers insult me for an entire battle because I pointed out that going valley in Lakeville in a Soviet heavy tank with no gun depression probably wouldn't be as helpful as going into the town with the other heavies.

I've had clan officers be rude and insulting for an entire battle because I asked them to stop camping behind arty in their top tier heavy.

I had a clan commander(who was playing arty) team kill me while I was defending cap against an attack.  Our team was out numbered.  I was in my T34, hull down with under 300 HP left.  He told me to go out in the open and scout for him.  I told him it wasn't a good idea since I was one shot and I'm able to defend the cap from my position.  I already had killed three tanks attacking our cap and the rest of the attackers backed off.  So he shot me intentionally with his arty because I wouldn't leave my very effective defensive position and scout for him in my damaged, slow heavy tank.  Then he called me a "useless [edited]" for not scouting in a damaged T34 in a tier 10 battle when we had a tier 10 medium with at least 75% health who could have scouted for us.

The same goes for things like team damage and team kills.  When I've run into clan members of clans my clan has fought in clan wars or in tournaments, I've been shot at(by those clan members on my own team) and team killed by their clan officers.  Not only are they sore losers, judging from this behavior, but they are childish and immature.  It makes them look even worse when I point out that they are shooting at their own team mate or team killing me because we beat them the previous night in clan wars or a tournament battle.

It would be nice if we had a place where we could expose clan officers doing this kind of behavior.  However, it seems that doing it on the official World of Tanks forums would be considered naming and shaming.  Being able to upload replays and screenshots of that kind of behavior could help people choose what clans they want to join and let players know ahead of time who they are going to be playing with.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I rarely have had issues with the officers of the top landholding clans in clan wars.  Most often, its the players in the clans who occasionally manage to grab a 120 gold piece of land once every 6 weeks or show up to clan wars battles without a full team and a bunch of tier 8 tanks.  However, players have to start somewhere and when choosing a clan players should know what their officers and members are like before joining.

Maybe we need an independent site with clan info not affiliated with Wargaming.  Then many of these butthurt clan officers would stop getting recruits that don't know how bad their clan officers' behavior is.

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