Thursday, November 26, 2015

Clan Wars 2.0 is killing off World of Tanks

The Clan Wars 2.0 Boxes grind is killing off clan wars.

I've posted this image before. This is what is killing off the desire to do clan wars for many players:

Clan Wars 2.0 basically killed off many of the top clans and caused many high skilled players to leave this game.  The stronghold skirmish boxes grind turned the game into a mandatory grind and a second job instead of fun.  At this point I'm wondering why I'm still grinding toward tier 10 tanks.  I think I have seven tier 9 and 10 tanks researched, but not purchased and I have no motivation to continue the grind to get them.  Clan wars is dead.  Look at how many top clans are closing down, reducing their numbers, and/or having trouble finding skilled players.

Also having tier 8 and tier 6 clan wars is bad for the game for the following reasons:
1. Many players no longer see a reason to grind to tier 10 because their clans only do tier 6 or 8 clan wars.
2. Tier 6 clan wars doesn't team players anything useful to help them advance to higher tier clan wars.
3. Without a tier 10 end game to grind to, many players won't grind through the various tank lines to tier 10.  That means they will buy less premium tanks, less premium time, less gold for crew training and free XP conversion, etc...
4. Tier 8 clan wars costs almost as much to play per battle as tier 10 clan wars, yet it has a much lower reward.

The reduced gold payouts in clan wars also hurts the game.

1. When newer players see top players earning gold and clan wars reward tanks in clan wars, it motivates them to get better, spend time and money on the game, grind for higher tier tanks, buy more premium time, etc...
2. The actual cost for Wargaming to adequately reward the top players in clan wars and tournaments is small.  Yet that reward motivates other players to spend more on the game in their desire to get more tier 10 tanks and get better at the game.  It makes business sense for Wargaming to provide adequate gold to the top players as a reward.  Its similar to companies that give away swag bags to celebrities at events or give away products to popular people on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to promote.  Giving away something to noticeable people/players increases sales and desire for items/goods.
3. When newer players see and hear the top players saying that clan wars isn't worth the time and effort, it makes newer players less motivated to spend money on the game, grind to higher tier tanks, play clan wars and tournaments, etc...
4. Wargaming needs a viable and desirable end game content in World of Tanks to motivate players to spend time and money on the game.  With Clan Wars not being worth the time and effort and tournament payouts being lower and less frequent, there is no viable end game content.  With no viable end game content, there is much less desire for players to spend time and money on the game.
5. A lack of viable end game content means the game is in danger of dying off.

The tier 10 map isn't big enough for the number of clans who want to play tier 10s in clan wars.  Wargaming should get rid of the tier 6 map, leave the tier 8 map for training, and add land to the tier 10 map.

Clan Wars 2.0 should have a tier 8 15v15 map for inexperienced clans and lower skill clans that has a much lower gold income.  Maybe have the tier 8 map have the current gold income of the tier 6 map.  Also, wipe the tier 8 map more frequently to make clans do landing and battles more frequently to help with improving their skills.  Maybe have the tier 8 map wiped every Friday morning at 0700 east coast time.  Also 15v15 at tier 8 can train the players and callers on how to do 15v15 tier 10 battles.

There are many tier 8 tanks that have a tier 10 equivalent that are useful for training in 15v15 tactics.  Some of them lead to useful clan war tier 10 tanks.

For example:
IS-7 = IS-3, 110, IS-5
AMX 50B = AMX 50 100
110E5 = T32
Generic Russian Medium(140 T-62A, etc...) = T-54 Lightweight, WZ-132, Type 59, T-44, T-34-3, T-34-3, T-54 Proto, etc...
Leo/STB-1 = STA-2, CDC
BC 25t = 13 90
TDs = ISU-152, Rhm, JP II
Arty = M40/43, Lorr 155 51
Learning on a lower income tier 8 map with tier 8 tanks can help an inexperienced clan/caller gain the experience they need to compete in tier 10.

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